Writing Memoirs: Can You Be Too Honest??


I have a question for you fellow book worms: ‘Can you be too honest in your writing?’

I have been playing with the idea of writing a memoir. It sounds amazing in my head; crazy ex boyfriends, backpacking, adventures, coping with mental health issues, self-discovery, moving to the city, drunken regrets, overcoming your turbulent train wreck of a past.

It’s mostly based on my life in fact. The good parts, and the bad, but since I’m a good sport and I see the silver lining in every cloud. I think like a writer, and in doing so, I am thankful for both parts, as they add to the story.

My aim is to add in some fictional parts as well, change the names, but ultimately I think I just really wanted to tell my story and convey my experiences to other twenty something’s in the world juggling life in all its hot mess.

How honest can one be without causing backfire on a real life person portrayed in a novel? I would prefer to be 100% truthful but I feel the public would guess who it is written about and that’s a legal issue. What is some advice??
Peace out guys + hopefully this piece of writing will be out in bookshops soon!

Reading Through Winter



It is winter, which means that it is my right to rug up in bed every weekend with a great book and a hot cup of coffee. For a while now I have been so distracted by life that I havent picked up a really good book in a while. But that is going to change over the next three months because I want to read some really great titles!

Which brings me to you fellow book worms! It is your mission to help out a fellow worm and give me suggestions for great books! I like a lot of different genres, romantic, comedy, drama, etc. So please dont be shy and drop me a comment below!



When you’re a 24 year old reclusive writer


It’s a term people give others to say they are ‘introverted’, ‘shy’, and ‘better off by themselves’. In some instances being reclusive never hurt anyone, and having that time to yourself can be super re-energising, especially if you’re an introvert. But what about when it gets too much?..

Writing will do that to you. All writers will understand that their gift comes at a price, and that usually involves sacrificing relationships with others. You may not intentionally want to, but eventually if you don’t take a break from your art, and go outside every once in a while, then you could be sabotaging your social life.

Which brings me to myself- The example. I am 24, and I love to write blogs. I spend most of my time on my days off doing just that, and trying to perfect my art. But I get absorbed by it, and sometimes I forget to eat, or forget that there is actually a whole other world outside my bedroom and my laptop. Which has caused me to step back from making friends, or making time for the ones I have. Which is actually kinda depressing..

At my age, I should be balancing my art with a whole lot of other things, and I don’t know if I’m being too picky about the people I meet, or I make up too many excuses not to see people, but my social life looks like a meteor pit at the moment. So much so, that my friends don’t even text me any more or check if I’m still alive. But that could also be contributed to the fact that people rarely use phones even any more, and would rather facebook chat. Sad, really. 

So, to all you readers out there, if you love writing, or anything really that typically involves solitude, remind yourself to actually have a social life too sometimes. I know it’s hard believe me, I would rather binge watch Netflix in a onesie, and eat ice-cream than try to make small talk with strangers – but that is the battle if you want to be a functioning person in society.

The thing is, despite the fact that too much solitude is bad for you, if you have it in decent balanced amounts, it is really satisfying, not to be mention required. I love to pour myself a cup of tea, check my emails, and write my blogs, and do some self-reflection, but the trouble is if you spend too much time by yourself, you will have nothing interesting to write about anymore, and your blogs will resemble a stale piece of mouldy bread.Nobody wants that. Eww!

I leave for Bali in just over three weeks. I will make it my mission to socialise, and make new friends (maybe even hopefully penpals) I will try to overcome this introversion, and these adolescent barriers I have built around myself. Not by forcing myself to though, but rather letting go, and letting myself be naturally left open to the world and what it has to offer. Because sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it, and when your most in need of it too. 

P.s I should put as a disclaimer that I am actually a pretty cool person once you leap over my introverted barrier 😉 I tend to be known as quite the witty person with a knack for taking great #foodporn selfies on Instagram, so don’t hesitate to follow my blogs, however brooding they may be. Hopefully I’ll have some cool stories from Bali soon to tell you guys!

Finding Inscriptions

I am currently laying in bed, under the covers after a day of enjoying doing nothing in particular since it is my day off from my internship. So, some of the enjoyable things I did today were swimming in the pool, baking brownies, and fixing up different social media channels for my other wordpress blog ‘The Backpack Bucketlist’ which is as the title suggests- a travel blog. You can find it here : http://www.thebackpackbucketlist.wordpress.com

It is 7pm and my hair is still damp from the chlorine pool water, so I have my hair tucked in under my hoodie, as I lay here typing on my laptop. I am currently watching ‘Definitely, Maybe’, a romantic comedy which stars a host of famous actors, including Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds.

Which brings me to a part in the movie where Isla Fisher’s character in the movie appears and tells Ryan that her Dad brought her a Jane Eyre hard cover book for her 13 th birthday. But her dad dies two weeks later and her mum makes them move house a little later and her book is sold off to an op shop. So since then, she has stacks of Jane Eyre books along her bookshelf that she collects from different second hand stores,  hoping that one of them is the one from her father.

Obviously, they each have different inscriptions inside them too, and I really thought this part was quite special and sentimental. Which inspired me to research different inscriptions found in books. It has also inspired me to maybe collect different old books with inscriptions in them from op shops in future. I think it is the perfect way to recommend books too, as well as something extra special to have on your bookshelf.

It would often lead me to wonder about what kind of life the person who wrote it, and received the book would have led, and what culture they would have lived in if it was a much older book.

Below is a few beautiful inscripted books I found online and wanted to share with you!


Writing a Story is like Building a Fire

Matador Network is  a global community of travel journalists, film makers, athletes, photographers, and writers producing original stories and videos on people, place, music, sports, and culture worldwide. Matador’s Editor in Chief David Miller discusses how he writes his stories through this beautiful 60 second video.

Creative Writing at My New Internship!


Hey everyone!!

Sorry I have been so quite lately! I have been super busy managing my career goals, and planning my holiday to Bali in April ( which I am super super excited about by the way!)

So, the great news is that I was recently selected as an intern at this cooking class business that is brand new and is practically at the building stage with marketing and social media, as well as renovation in the actual building.

I am so excited because for the last two days I have been at my mentor’s house (who is a super successful business woman by the way) working alongside her and the team in brainstorming different creative ideas for the website, and the print ads etc. Just today between the three of us we came up with a neat business ad to put in the local magazine as well as setting up Instagram.

By the end of the day, I had never felt so accomplished and proud of myself, that my abilities were being used in an actual business, and that my mentor thought so highly of my work and my feedback on the project.

I’m not even that much of an ambitious person, to be honest. I wanted to study writing all my life, become an author, and get famous that way. But then I realised that in the meantime before I can actually earn my income that way, I would have to work at a job that I could still use my writing and creativity, but get a pay check at the same time.

Which turned out great anyway, because I also found a passion in building websites, doing a bit of design, creative copy, and advertising! But that’s the beauty of writing you see, it can be used for everything!

A little bit about the business: We are a cooking school that is being run on the Sunshine Coast. We will hold classes each week, with different chefs and some celebrity chef appearances as well that will do demonstrations. As well as working in the marketing side of it though, I will be in reception as well, taking bookings. So it will be very busy when we open in April.

I am just really glad though that my mentor is not only a successful business woman though, but that she is also of really good character, and she wants to help young people reach their career goals. So I figured that this is my chance at launching my own career and also getting paid some money at the same time.

It’s a nice feeling coming home after a long day and also realising that you have been productive, and you have produced something together as a team, that correlates with your own unique creative abilities. That really is the goal in life though isn’t it?

“If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”

How about you? Have you ever started out with a dream, and then it changed along the way as you grew older?

I would be interested to know! 🙂

Happy writing my blogging friends!


Eat,Pray, Learn how to live again: Bali and writer’s block


So… my writing has been lacking recently and I think it’s to do with just living mundanely. I haven’t had a holiday since the middle of last year when I went to the Whitsundays, and I am feeling that travel bug crawling up my leg again.

I don’t know if it’s the boring circumstances of my life right now; unemployment, watching too much TV, or the only thing mildly impressive being the degree of sunburn I got recently all over my body. Or the need to escape Australia and find myself in another country. But I think it has a lot to do with everything.

This season of my life has been a bit of a let down. I have a non-existent social life, no job any more, I am confused about what job path I should go down, and I have lost my sense of adventure, and am now instead watching re-runs of How I met your Mother and wishing I could travel to New York (there it is again, that travel bug). 

Among this list of disappointing circumstances, my motivation to write has dwindled and I find myself scared to even open up my word document on the laptop, for fear that I will find too many sentences to criticise and feel even worse about myself, saying things like ‘Oh this is crap‘, or ‘They will never publish this rubbish‘. Because it is super hard to write something that is meant to be inspiring, when your life feels the exact opposite. 

So, what did I do? I went to the flight centre a few days ago and booked a return ticket to Bali to hopefully kick-start my life again. 

Because as soon as I did, I had two reactions to this momentous occasion;

One: I felt like my heart would explode out of my body at the realisation that I was going to accomplish visiting one of the travel destinations on my bucket list. The excitement, the energy, and the visions of myself hiking up South-East Asian mountains, and lazing by the pool made me swoon.

Two: I had a minor heart palpitation thinking, Oh crap, I’ve just spent my entire last pay on these tickets and now I have to figure out how to pay for everything else within the next two months  without a job. Oh God, please help me! 

But regardless, I felt like I owed it to myself to go overseas again and breathe in life again! I could even be like that Julia Roberts chick in Eat, Pray, Love who found herself again, or more recently, some British girl who sold her house, and car, quit her job, and travelled the world, blogging about it after  she was jilted at her wedding. Okay… that is like the dream people. Forget heart-break, you need a one way ticket to Thailand.


Being an introverted person, who writes and reads more than she socialises, it can be a very lonely road some days, and I have lost touch with the world.

In saying that, I have focused most of my energies on work, and getting money lately, beating myself up trying to figure out what my new career move is, that I have neglected really living an adventurous life that a 23 year old should be living. 

I am hoping that some of Bali’s magic rubs off on me long enough so that I get off the plane a different person, and one who has the will to go back to writing again. 

I remember a University lecturer once telling me that the secret to writing essays was to give your essay a break and go and do something fun, so that you can come back to the essay later and you will feel more confident with your wording to finish it.

You know what?  It worked! 

I feel like the same theory can be applied to this situation. I need to jump on that plane, take-off, and land in a completely foreign country to get my creative juices flowing. Drastic I know, but my creativity glass has been half empty for a long time.

So to all you fellow writers out there who are struggling too, or even those who feel like their lives are losing the spark, I suggest an overseas trip if you can afford it. Maybe a new scenery is just what you need to combat those crappy feelings!